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How It Works for Entrepreneurs

By listing your company within the SEIS Directory, you are placing your business in front of 1000's looking for investment opportunities. You can upload photos and videos to engage an audience and create a buzz around what you’re doing, while also having all relevant links to any platforms you are featured on and any media coverage you are getting. Your profile page allows investors to message you directly with any questions they may have, or words of advice and encouragement. SEIS.co.uk drives large volumes of traffic, and the directory will form an invaluable part of self-promotion for all the UK startups that choose to join.

    • Get huge exposure for your company
    • Provide links to your website and social media channels
    • Link to the platform you are featured on so people can directly invest
    • Post photos of products or your team members
    • Update your profile with articles about your companyor your industry

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