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SEIS Needs Promotion

The refusal of banks to lend has opened the door to alternative financing in the UK, and this is something the government can take credit for getting well and truly behind. The funding for lending scheme and the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) have contributed to this funding sector’s emergence, but there is still more to do to bring these concepts into the mainstream. Originally introduced in 2012 by George Osborne, SEIS was made a permanent piece of legislation two years later, and... Read more

SEIS finds its appeal stretching further

The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) has generally found its popularity planted firmly in the professional investment sector, however the benefits the scheme offers has found its niche extending to a number of UK residents who have reached the limit of their UK pensions and ISAs. Those that fall into this category, but have extra cash they wish to invest, are now looking at the exciting of prospect of a reduced-risk investment in a potentially profitable UK start-up. Investors are … Read more

SEIS Becomes Critical Aspect of Risk Vs Reward Considerations

The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) has increased in popularity considerably over the last two years, and now plays a significant role in investment strategies for high profile investors across the UK. The tax breaks offered up by the SEIS are a huge incentive to invest in start-ups across the UK which would otherwise be an area many would be more sceptical about entertaining as a financially viable project. The success stories continue to come from investment born of SEIS, as …Read more

SEIS set to welcome new dawn for UK technology

Despite being home to the invention of both the computer and the internet, the UK has been notable in its absence when it comes to the ability to produce any kind of global software giant. With Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft and IBM all US based companies, the United Kingdom can only boast a couple of significant players in the world of software. 30 years ago this would have been unthinkable. SEIS could make the difference It’s not for a lack of creativity or invention that the …Read more

SEIS Now Considered More Beneficial Than ISAs

For the first time in recent memory, the Budget contained generosity which extended to more than just a chosen few. With new proposed tax breaks relating to ISAs, and the confirmation that the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) is to continue, investors are set to take advantage. New ISA Tax Incentives It is now the case that – as well as interest being free from Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and Income Tax – extra charges on any dividends have now been frozen beyond the original 10% within a …Read more

Stakes are High in Robot Technology

Despite not yet reeling or even revealing publicly what their first product is, a US based robotics company has received seed funding to the tune of £1.2m, with an undisclosed portion invested by Google. Savioke joins eight other robotic companies which have received funding from Google in the last year. In fact the other eight have been acquired by the search engine giant, meaning that confidence in the sector has been boosted significantly. Savioke plans to release their first creation …Read more

SEIS legislation made permanent in Budget 2014

George Osborne has used the April budget to give a firm message of support to the UK’s small businesses and entrepreneurs by making Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes (SEIS) a permanent fixture in UK legislation. Whilst the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Venture Capital Trusts (VCT) legislation have also been mentioned in the budget, the SEIS permanent installation has been one of the most talked about areas of the new budget for start-up business owners. SEIS legislation was …Read more

SEIS Set To Soar As Pensions Cap Limits Investors

The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and other government-backed investment schemes with big tax breaks are tipped as the new destination for pension cash when the lifetime allowance is slashed in April. Reducing the lifetime allowance to £1.25 million and fining pension savers for breaching the limit by doing the right thing and putting money aside for their retirement is likely to force investors to look for other places where they can pick up a good return on their cash. SEIS, …Read more

New investor? How to ensure you’re SEIS eligible

The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) is a tax-friendly financing scheme allowing startups to source a route to equity finance. Launched by Chancellor George Osborne in 2012, it plugs the perceived equity gap filled by companies with big ideas, but an inability to source traditional finance via routes like bank loans. To encourage investors to purchase SEIS-compliant shares in startups, the tax incentives are some of the best available in the investment market, and include capital …Read more

Tax breaks needed to attract corporate SME investors

According to a leading industry body, offering tax breaks to companies investing in small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) could provide the "missing piece" of funding in the UK’s business landscape. The British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (BVCA) has stated that corporate venture capital – the investment of corporate funds into external startup businesses – was an “untapped and potentially huge source” of funding which could finance many of the UK’s new SMEs. According …Read more

The good, the bad and the ugly of entrepreneurship

Harder work for longer hours, social problems and constant tests on your determination make the bulk of the cautions that follow. But if you can handle these – and have the right proposition – you may just be on the right track. Hard work Evernote creator Phil Libin warns that being a successful entrepreneur requires a staggering amount of commitment. He states: “It is amazingly difficult work – you have no life balance, no family time, and you will never work harder in your life.” Mr …Read more

The 2014 UK startup trends you should be investing in

As new businesses increased by over half a million last year, it’s clear that the UK’s startup community is growing at a very healthy pace. To this end, small business organisation Startups.co.uk has amassed the most interesting business startup opportunities in a report entitled ‘What business to start in 2014’. Whilst the onus is on supplying today’s entrepreneurs with the sectors to pursue this year, it also serves as a useful guide for investors wanting to know which businesses are …Read more

What venture capitalists need: Motivation, authenticity, and integrity

It seems there is a lot of money in Silicon Valley right now, with Silicon stalwarts Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan topping Chronicle’s list of the 50 biggest US philanthropists in 2013. A knock on effect is the relative ease investors can source capital to get their start-ups off the ground – with focused resources like AngelList helping bridge the gap between investor and business founder. Even so, you may be struggling to find investment for your venture, so the following addresses …Read more

Year of Code: Coding and entrepreneurship lacking in UK education

As an entrepreneur, an individual will be heading out into new terrain; creating, financing and growing a business that hopefully addresses voids which are not yet being filled. Yet within the UK concerns have been voiced that the school curriculum does not cater to entrepreneurial needs - including knowledge of accounting, management and computing and engineering. Enter the ‘Year of Code’ – a G20 first which will see coding taught to every child aged between 5 to 16 years old from …Read more

Croydon Tech City – London’s “other” technology startup hub

Currently, the UK capital’s technology startup scene is best known for Shoreditch’s Tech City. Since being coined the ‘Silicon Roundabout’ in 2008, London’s Old Street area has become awash with mixed-use buildings occupied by thriving technology startups now presenting a unified tech hub. Buoyed by initial enthusiasm, early successes, a massive uptake in businesses flocking to the area and many founder’s relentless energy, the area slowly began to make a name for itself. Later on, …Read more

Two years since SEIS was launched, but can it fund your business?

Up to now, nearly 1,100 start-ups have benefited from the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) legislation, which allows investments of up to GBP 100,000 to help launch a company. Official Government figures from 2013 shows that in total, over GBP 82 million has been raised by private investors utilising the legislation. Part of the success is that SEIS offers benefits to both investors and business owners alike. For investors, the legislation creates substantial tax benefits; for …Read more

How the SEIS legislation is saving Britain’s pubs

Pubs have a special place in the heart of many Britons; and a substantial number often wish to show their support in times of struggle with labour, vocal championing – or even investment. As previously written of, Hebden Bridge’s The Fox and Goose saw investors place GBP 130,000 ‘behind the bar’ to create a local co-operative which now looks after the pub’s operations. The investments, fueled by legislation named Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes (SEIS), allow locals to take control and …Read more

SEIS investors propose legislation improvements to Chancellor

As mentioned in a previous article, a study compiled by the entrepreneurs network E2Exchange has revealed 40% of entrepreneurs are not aware of Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes (SEIS), and half of the respondents were unaware of how the legislation works. Launched in 2012, SEIS aims to encourage private investors to support start-up businesses which have not sourced traditional financing – providing both money and business acumen. In return, the investors are offered substantial tax …Read more

Entrepreneurs unaware of SEIS funding opportunities

It has been almost two years since Chancellor George Osborne outlined the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) legislation on the 6th of April 2012. The schemes were created to offer tax benefits to and encourage investment in small start-ups by reducing investment risk. To date, SEIS has helped over 1,000 companies raise funds totaling over GBP 82 million. According to HMRC figures, this amounts to GBP 1.3 million of SEIS funding raised by 19 companies each – raising an average of …Read more

SEIS Is Not About Hunting For Losses

Investors may see opportunities in business through the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS), but others see SEIS as a chance to grab fees without adding value. Chancellor George Osborne set up SEIS in Budget 2012 as a way to help incubate small firms locked out of bank funding for risky start-up projects. To encourage investors, Osborne is offering some of the best investment tax breaks available in the world to reduce investment risk. Tax benefits include a 50% reduction on tax …Read more

£1 Billion Of Business Funding Unlocked By Government

Government and private investor initiatives are increasingly sideling the banks as the main source of borrowing for business. Thousands of companies are already benefiting from the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme, which offers extensive tax breaks in return for investments of up to £100,000. The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) does the same for second stage companies looking for funds to expand. Now, the government has released details of the Business Finance Partnership, which has …Read more

Email Marketing For Small Firms Win SEIS Backing

Small businesses failing to attract cash from the banks are queuing up to pitch their ideas to private investors under the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS). Astonish Email is one of two firms to secure finance from the Jenson Seed EIS Fund. Astonish is a cloud-based email marketing system for small businesses. The developers Adam Knight and Adam Lovelock worked for 10 years in email marketing and decided many of the systems were too complex for small businesses, so decided to …Read more

Why Investors and Businesses Like SEIS

The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) is the funding source of choice for around 2,000 new businesses pitching for cash from private equity investors. In this melee of entrepreneurs looking for money to take their idea off the drawing board and into reality, investors need to set aside their emotion and enthusiasm and drill down into the details of the business. To help, here are some points for investors to think about before piling their cash into a SEIS company. Why do …Read more

Technology Start-Ups Shunned By Private Investors

Technology start-ups are scratching around for funding despite government tax breaks for equity investors offered by the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS). Investors will not hit the on button to release any more cash into technology firms until some big names that have swallowed mountains of cash start to show a return. Technology start-ups are risky ventures and while online giants like Facebook are posting huge returns in America, European rivals are not faring nearly so …Read more

80% of the UK is a business lending black spot for banks

Equity funding is on the increase for small business as data reluctantly published by the biggest banks shows they lend no money in 80% of the country. The details came to light when trade body the British Bankers Association (BBA) agreed to publish lending data by postcode area which showed only a fifth of the country is worth bank investment, according to the figures. More detailed figures are on the way, as instead of restricting the data to the first two letters of postcode areas, like …Read more

Can SEIS Investors Lose Their Tax Breaks?

Buying shares in fresh start businesses through the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) gives investors access to some attractive tax breaks. SEIS lets investors reduce the income tax they pay and claw back taxes on losses or gains – but the tax man can come back for the money if the investor or company flouts the scheme’s rules. To cut the due diligence costs to make SEIS deals more attractive to investors, HM Revenue and Customs pre-authorises each company scheme to make sure the …Read more

Tax Breaks Make SEIS Fly For Superangels

Tax breaks for private investors are the major driving force behind fund raising for businesses, according to new research. Tax reliefs offered by the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) are welcomed by 90% of investors who want to put money into a business through one of these schemes. Meanwhile, nearly 60% of investors confessed they would put less money into companies if they could not use SEIS or EIS. The survey, by international …Read more

Claiming Income Tax Relief On A SEIS Investment

The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) offers 50% income tax reduction on investments of up to £100,000 into a start-up business. That allows a taxpayer to keep up to £50,000 of income tax – and the amount is not dependent on the rate income tax is paid. Here’s how the claim is made: Keep your SEIS 3 investment form This is an important document. The SEIS 3 form confirms the total invested in SEIS for calculating the income tax reduction. The form is not submitted to HM …Read more

Drinkers Liked The Pub So Much They Bought It

Drinkers have put £130,000 cash behind the bar to fund a local co-operative that has taken over the running of their local pub. Shareholders were invited to buy shares costing between £100 and £20,000 in The Fox and Goose, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, to keep their pub open. Now the community is raising a glass and saying cheers to them as they now co-own the pub as part of a co-operative and have put the pub into community ownership to secure its future after the former landlady took …Read more

Media Firms Urged To Switch On To SEIS Funding

Investors are challenging media and creative start-ups to pitch their business ideas for a chance at grabbing £150,000 of seed enterprise investment scheme (SEIS) money. The cash is available to unleash creative entrepreneurs business ideas lack the finance to get off the ground. Behind the challenge is Ingenious Ventures, a venture capital business with a track record of backing movies, TV shows and computer gaming. Ingenious has a £2.25 million war chest available in tranches of …Read more

High Fliers Launch SEIS Platform In The Cloud

An innovative way for investors keen on financing private businesses will find the task much easier after the launch of a new platform. Called Capitama, it will enable providers of Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes (SEIS), as well as Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS), to connect with potential investors. The capital markets platform is being launched in September by a trio who believe there is a strong and growing appetite in the UK among investors for SEIS and EIS. They are Brett de …Read more

Desperate Tech Firms Call For More Private Cash

Technology businesses are pleading for private investors to release their purse strings to stop them missing ‘significant business opportunities’. Firms in London’s Tech City cannot find enough funding - with a fifth of businesses making staff redundant and nearly a third unable to develop their businesses due to a lack of cash. Although investors have attractive tax breaks available through the seed enterprise investment scheme, the enterprise investment scheme and venture capital …Read more

Start-Ups Win More Funding In Micro Business Boom

Micro businesses are winning support for the part they are playing in boosting the economy with millions of pounds of public and private backing. A combination of private investment and government backing is triggering a micro business revolution, according to Lord Young, the Prime Minister’s Enterprise Adviser, who has published his second report - Growing your Business: A report on Growing Micro Businesses. The report concludes that opening up tendering for £230 billion of public sector …Read more

1,000 Firms Apply For SEIS Status In Less Than A Year

Start-ups and entrepreneurs are clamouring to join the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) with more than 1,000 applications signing up in less than a year. The figures underline how popular the scheme is for investors wanting to put cash into a new business and enjoy generous tax breaks for doing so. Now the latest firm to get in tune with the SEIS mix of low risk investment and tax benefits is music publisher Atlantic Screen Group (ASG). The firm has HM revenue and Customs …Read more

Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme Success

Despite only launching as a crowdfunding site in July last year, Seedrs has already racked up more than £1 million in funding for start-ups and growth is accelerating. Seedrs has raised nearly £700,000 of that amount in the last three months, to underline the site’s increasing popularity. Seedrs enables entrepreneurs to receive capital for their business from independent investors, family and friends in exchange for a stake. The Seedrs model itself is simple, allowing entrepreneurs to …Read more

SEIS Fund Invests In Fresh Start Businesses

A leading start up funder has announced early-stage investments in two fresh businesses. Mercia Fund Management has placed the maximum Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme funding of £150,000 into MabLyte Ltd and Watertronix Ltd as part of the Mercia Growth Fund 1. Watertronix is developing a new chlorine-free method of treating water in swimming pools which keeps them safe and clean and saves owners from spending on filters and air conditioning. MabLyte is producing a range of testing …Read more

CGT Re-investment Relief Extension

Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme CGT re-investment relief information taken from the HMRC press release. Investors in the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and companies eligible for receiving SEIS investment will be happy to know that the measure will extend to 2013-14 the capital gains tax (CGT) relief for re-investing gains in SEIS shares, providing the gains are re-invested in 2013-14 or the following year. The extension of the relief is for half the qualifying re-invested …Read more

Budget 2013

The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme, launched at Budget 2012, offers 50 per cent income tax relief on investments made into small, early-stage companies. The Government has decided to provide a limited extension of the capital gains tax holiday to continue to encourage investors to take up the new scheme. Any investors making capital gains in 2013-14 will receive a 50 per cent capital gains tax relief when they reinvest those gains into seed companies in either 2013-14 or 2014-15. The …Read more

EIS Investment – Facts And Figures Revealed

Private investors have poured more than £8.6 billion in to nearly 20,0000 companies since the start of the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). The figures were released as part of a review of the market by the Office of National Statistics (ONS). EIS was introduced in the 1993-94 financial year offering investors tax breaks to invest in firms that found problems raising cash from banks. In 2011, Chancellor George Osborne extended the tax breaks with the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme …Read more

£50m Boost For London’s Tech City Start-Ups

A rundown district of London is picking up a £50 million boost to develop the area as a hub for technology and internet start-ups. Prime Minister David Cameron is backing the hub – which will be based around the Old Street neighbourhood in London’s East End. Dubbed Tech City, the cash will develop the area in to Europe’s largest indoor civic space dedicated to entrepreneurs and start-ups. The new building will have work spaces, workshops and classrooms and access to the latest 3D …Read more

New Fund Will Boost SEIS Investment For SMEs

Small firms working in science, technology and engineering have been boosted by a new £40m Enterprise Capital Fund (ECF), the government has announced. Business Minister Michael Fallon launched the new fund, called Longwall Ventures ECF, saying: “It’s vital that we help entrepreneurs get access to a diverse range of finance options. “And this new £40 millionfund will address a gap in the market and help our small businesses find the finance they need to realise their potential.” Mr …Read more

Gloople’s Success with SEIS

Gloople’s, www.gloople.co.uk, glowing with success after raising £150,000 from investors - mainly from the seed enterprise investment scheme (SEIS). The firm is an ecommerce platform that lets users build and run online shops. The latest funding round has pushed the value of the company past £1 million in less than two years. All but £20,000 of the latest investment came from a London Business Angels syndicate who put up £130,000 as a SEIS investment. Gloople wanted the money to take …Read more

International interest in SEIS from British Expats

Working overseas and living the life of an expat does not close the door on some big tax breaks on investments back in Britain, according to a recent report. Lisa Smith, writing on web site www.iExpats.com (an expat financial information site) has some strong views on how expats can make the most of their money by exploiting tax breaks available to every UK taxpayer. One of the key points she has to make is establishing status as an expat. “Just because you live and work overseas …Read more

Mercia SEIS and EIS Hybrid Fund

Mercia Fund Management has created a hybrid growth fund by combining Enterprise Investment Scheme and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme operations in to one fund. Mercia Fund Management considers the hybrid fund offers investors better tax efficiency and more flexibility to switch money in to either EIS or SEIS wrappers from the same fund. The firm backs university spin outs as well as non-university investments, like LM Technologies through Mercia Fund 1, which partners eight …Read more

MP's SEIS roadshow boosts investment in small firms

Tory MP Brooks Newmark has toured the North West to stir up interest in the new seed enterprise investment scheme (SEIS) for start-up businesses. Newmark, MP for Braintree, Essex, has met with firms, investors and advisers as part of a government campaign to kick-start small businesses that need vital funds for research and development. He is a former government whip and a private equity investor. The SEIS scheme aims to offer fledgling firms a financial boost by encouraging investors …Read more

£6m SEIS fund ready to help student start-ups

Students who have already shown some degree of success can seek a share of a £6 million investment fund to help develop their businesses. Venture capital firm Find Invest Grow (FIG) has set up the fund to match fledgling firms set up by students or recent graduates with investors. The FIG Concept Seed Fund, based in London, will raise money for the firm’s existing start-up business portfolio. The fund aims to find groups of investors for each start-up project - generally a cornerstone …Read more

007 Sean Connery’s tailor is looking for suitors with cash

The tailor that tinkered with spy 007 James Bond’s suits is looking for £150,000 cash to revive the brand to cash in on the 50th anniversary of the first movie. In a move that has not shaken investors but certainly stirred a few to reach for their cheque books, tailor Anthony Sinclair is looking to sew up the market. In the Sixties, Bond star Sean Connery was dressed exclusively by the tailor, which started business in the Fifties making suits for military officers. Investment bank …Read more

SEIS set to raise £1.5 million for technology start-ups

Creative and digital media firms are switching on to the investment possibilities of the new seed enterprise investment scheme (SEIS). Believed to be the UK’s first SEIS funds, Ascension Ventures is seeking to raise £1.5 million for technology start ups. The SEIS tax wrapper kicked off on April 6 with one-off tax breaks that let investors claim an income tax reduction of up to £50,000 on a maximum £100,000 investment which can be maximised by capital gains tax roll-over …Read more

Business angels to earn wings with SEIS investments

Wealthy investors are wanted to sign up for the seed enterprise investment scheme in return for lucrative tax breaks. The seed enterprise investment scheme (SEIS) is the brainchild of Chancellor George Osborne and is aimed to link wealthy venture capitalists with entrepreneurs who need cash to develop new science and technology ideas. In return, the government is offering tax breaks of up to a £50,000 reduction on income tax plus a 28% capital gains tax exemption if funds from disposing of …Read more

Surrey comes in to focus

Surrey is streaking ahead of the competition, with 14% of start-ups turning over more than £100,000 - against the national average of 10%. Barclays Bank looked at how start-ups were performing around the country, and the research revealed Surrey generate £28 billion each year for the economy - the highest figure outside of nearby London. Simon Cossons, area business manager for Barclays in Surrey, said: “The research reveals that the dream of running your own business is flourishing and …Read more

VCTs are booming in enterprise culture

Companies are queuing up for venture capital funding with some attractive opportunities across a range of sectors from media to healthcare and education. A survey of VCT fund managers by the Association of Investment Companies (AIC) suggests last year’s ‘enterprise budget’ opened the way for small, unlisted companies to look for funding away from the banks. Now barriers for funding for start-up firms have also been pushed back by the forthcoming seed enterprise investment scheme, a number …Read more

It has to be a new business

When is a new business not “new”? This is a question that HMRC will ask when they check claims for tax relief as part of the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme that will soon be coming into force. The tax reliefs on offer are certainly tempting. With a 50% income tax relief on investments, and a year’s holiday for capital gains tax on investments made using gains made on previous disposals, SEIS are worth a look. The favourable tax reliefs apply only to investments in companies that are …Read more

Creatives switch on to SEIS opportunities

Investors are switching on to creative and media firms as high-growth opportunities for the soon to open for business Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS). Creatives generate around 7% of the UK GDP - equivalent to around £59 billion a year - and cover everything from music, video games and e-commerce through to craft and design. The government has hailed digital and creative industries as a key growth sector. The sector has long held attractions for investors with dedicated …Read more