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Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme Guide

Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme Guide

Everything you need to know about the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme.

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A Guide to the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme

The SEIS initiative was introduced in 2011 and has since gone on to be widely credited with helping to boost the British economy, as well as providing mutual benefits for both investors and entrepreneurs.

A Guide for Investors & Entrepreneurs

An in-depth guide to all the benefits of the SEIS from both an investor perspective and an entrepreneurial one. The SEIS Guide contains:

Introduction to SEIS, History & Facts and Figures

Including an overview of the SEIS, some information detailing the original introduction of the scheme in the UK, and some interesting statistics relating to the success in driving UK start-ups so far.

Investor Criteria

The scheme requires certain criteria to be adhered to in order to ensure qualification for the scheme, these points are laid out concisely within the guide.

Ways to Invest in the SEIS

There are three methods for investment under the SEIS. These are via a personal to business investment, a platform investment, and an investment fund. Each option is detailed comprehensively within the guide.

Investor Process

As with any government backed scheme, there is a process to go through in order to benefit. Each stage is detailed in
step-by-step format.

Company Criteria

From a business point of view, finding investment using the SEIS can alleviate many of the difficulties usually faced by companies looking for funding. This section lists the criteria which must be met in order to qualify.

How to raise Investments for a SEIS business

The three methods of sourcing funding are to personally seek an investor, to join an SEIS platform or a fund house. These options are covered off within the guide.

Business Process

To qualify for the SEIS, a company must follow the process at all times. Failure to do so can result in the company being ineligible for the scheme. The process is detailed with concise, step-by-step instructions to ensure qualification for the scheme.

Frequently Asked Questions

Seis.co.uk receives numerous enquiries and questions on a daily basis. Some of the most commonly asked are detailed in the FAQ section.


Resources Links to all of the required HMRC forms are here, as well as the contact information for the SEIS admin team.