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Allow your business to be found easily by potential investors with an interest in your sector. Our advanced listings and filter system allows investors to find exactly what they want, and fast.

SEIS.co.uk is the number one Google-ranking SEIS website in the world. We are the first reference point for investors looking to benefit from the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme.

You can now be a part of the top SEIS site on the web.

Your personalised profile page acts like a microsite, allowing you to add updates and content as you go. If you have a strong, active SEIS.co.uk profile page, you will gain invaluable exposure and increase your chances of sourcing investment.

Engage with your audience, and let investors come to you!

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An investor can get in contact with you to ask you questions directly using the contact now button on your profile. This button features on every page of your profile, and is also available on the mobile version of the site to allow investors to get in touch anywhere, any time.

Link to Your Website

Use your profile page to direct interested parties to your website. Unlike other sites, SEIS.co.uk encourages you to add links to your business website AND your investment/crowdfunding campaigns.

Not only does this help direct interested parties to your online pages, it also helps to rank your site within search engines. SEIS.co.uk already ranks as the number one SEIS site in Google, so links from us will boost your own site’s ranking.

Links to Social Media

Provide links to all your social media channels to gain more followers and allow potential investors an insight into your recent activity.

Social media is the most formidable marketing channel startups have at their disposal, and it needs to be utilised.

Gain a strong social media presence, keep your channels updated, and link your SEIS.co.uk profile to them to drive more traffic your way.

Receive Comments

Get feedback on your project from investors and fans. Ventures with a number of positive comments tend to be more attractive to those looking to invest.

Actively ask your customers to provide feedback, you can then select which comments you wish to activate, and let the people know how well you’re doing.

Upload Photos

Upload photos of your products, prototypes, staff members and events and allow people to connect with your brand on a personal and intimate level.

Uploading photos is made simple with our step-by-step photo uploader, available via your personal membership dashboard.

Upload Videos

If a picture speaks a thousand words, a video is a thousand pictures. You can upload videos with direct message for investors, an introduction to your company and your products to show something tangible to your followers.

You can directly embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo to your profile page using the step-by-step tool available via your personal membership dashboard.

Publish Events

Keep people updated on all your forthcoming events using the Event System. This can be used to let people know about any launch parties or seminars you’re planning.

Post Articles

Keep your followers informed about all up-to-date company developments. Post articles about your industry, your company, and your products. If you have a new product or service you plan to introduce, tell people! Use the power of content marketing to generate interest. Demonstrate your knowledge and passion about your company, product or services.

Featured Listing

Get your profile “featured:” to appear top of the searches with a “Featured badge” to promote and highlight your company. You will appear above all other companies if you select or upgrade to become “Featured”. Featured members get more exposure and higher traffic flowing to their profile pages, but there are only limited spaces available so subscribe now!