SEIS Companies
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The following links provide all of the required forms for SEIS qualification and SEIS tax claims. These links direct to the HMRC website:

Download Advance Assurance Form (PDF 55KB)
This form should be completed by the startup or entrepreneur and submitted to a representative within the Small Companies Enterprise Centre (SCEC) to gain certification.

Download SEIS1 Form (PDF 241KB)
After four months of trading, the company can complete and submit the SEIS1 form. This compliance statement requires information on the investor’s looking to claim tax relief, and a declaration that the company is, and expects to remain, SEIS compliant during the course of investment.

The SEIS1 form must be submitted before any claim for tax relief can be made, this form should be sent to the Small Company Enterprise Centre (SCEC) at the following address:

Small Company Enterprise Centre (Admin Team)
Medvale House
Mote Road
ME15 6AF
Telephone: 03000 588907

Download SEIS1 Notes (PDF 223KB)
This a guide on how to complete the SEIS form on the HMRC website.

Download Self-Assessment Tax Return (PDF 508KB)
Once a claim is due, the investor must complete a self-assessment tax form outlining the details of their investment. The tax relief can be processed once this has been submitted.