SEIS Companies
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Many British funds are looking to incorporate SEIS-qualifying businesses into their portfolio of investment opportunities. These are the main pioneering, SEIS-embracing funds in the UK:


Mercia Fund Management

Mercia leads the way in the UK for placing funds within the new tech sector. They offer extensive support and open up doors to finance, with the target of encouraging accelerated growth.

Website: https://www.merciafund.co.uk

Jenson Funding Partners

Jenson places great emphasis on the support and assistance of the early-stage companies for whom they source investment. Their financial and operational support is among the best in the UK.

Website: https://www.jensonfundingpartners.com

Ascension Ventures

Ascension focuses mainly on sourcing investment for the digital media and tech sectors. The introduction of the SEIS Ascend fund has helped early-stage companies attract substantial backing.

Website: https://www.ascensionventures.com

Oxford Technology

Oxford Technology – Oxford Technology have been investing in tech companies for more than 30 years. They have a number of active funds, and look for the best quality SEIS tech startup opportunities.

Website: http://www.oxfordtechnology.com