SEIS Companies
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Most of the large equity-based crowdfunding sites offer SEIS-qualifying opportunities within their portfolio. Here is a selection of the best UK crowdfunding platforms currently offering investment opportunities which qualify for SEIS:



Crowdcube has successfully invested in over 200 companies. They cater for investors with all levels of previous investment experience, and are now established as the world’s top crowdfunding platform.

Website: https://www.crowdcube.com


Seedrs is one of the premier startup platforms operating not just in the UK, but across the continent. Investors can easily choose and manage the amount they are comfortable investing, while also qualifying for SEIS tax-breaks on many projects featured.

Website: https://www.seedrs.com


Syndicateroom can rightly be proud of the fact that 100% of their investment opportunities are still in business. Syndicateroom has emerged to become one of the most popular crowdfunding sites in the UK..

Website: https://www.Syndicateroom.com